1998 Apr    
        In conjunction with Matsuo Taisha Shrine's major spring festival,
its affiliated shrine, Koromode, celebrated the building of a new hall,
at which women carried the mikoshi
    May   Women mikoshi kai established  

Named "Yamabuki Kai" by Guji (chief priest) of Matsuo Taisha Shrine

    Sep   Yamabuki Kai establishment ceremony  
        First Yamabuki Kai mikoshi procession at Matsuo Taisha Shrine  
  1999 Sep   Yamabuki Kai mikoshi procession at Hassakusai  
        Mikoshi procession crossing the Oi River by boat  
    Dec   Women mioshi construction comittee established  
  2000 Jan   Volunteer work at Matsuo Taisha Shrine started  
        Formal worship at Ise Jingu started  
  2001 Sep   New mikoshi construction ceremony  
        First procession with a new mikoshi  
  2002 Sep   Proccession area expanded to Nonomiya Shrine  
  2003 Sep   Plinth for mikoshi created  
  2004 Jul   Box for mikoshi equipments created  
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